Heather & Rob Piper

18 February 2011,

In 2006 we decided that it seemed like it was time to start looking for somewhere else to live. We were living in a cul-de-sac on acreage with a nice community around us and enjoying a semi-rural lifestyle, growing most of our own food organically. However, the city was creeping up on us so we began looking for something a bit further out that would suit our needs and had been looking at the Eco Villages available in Australia. With a price range we could live with in mind, we looked in magazines such as Grass Roots and Earth Garden and on the internet, where we found Kookaburra Park Eco Village. We drove to Gin Gin to check out Kookaburra Park, and we liked what we saw. When we were checking out the Village notice board a resident came up and spoke to us then invited us for a cuppa. This friendliness was to continue on as we came back again later to choose a block of land. Over the next 12 months we looked at other properties for sale elsewhere and decided to have another look at Kookaburra Park. As thee Village had many of the qualities we were interested in, community, interest in organic food, permaculture and sustainable living we bought a block in Stage 4 with a great view and we are very happy with it.

On our property we are growing about 90% of our vegetables, organically, and have planted a small “orchard” of fruit trees as well as a decorative garden of native and non-native varieties. We are able to keep the garden going through the dryer months as there is an allocation of 600 ltr/ day dam water reticulated to our property. Electricity and phone is underground so there is no danger of fallen power lines and we have 2kw of back to the grid solar power on the roof. Most of the residents of the Village grow their own food and there is a good exchange of seeds and seedlings to keep heritage or traditional plants going. There is a lovely market in Gin Gin each Saturday morning to provide any other fruit or vegetables that we might like and as this is a very social occasion, a chance to catch up on neighbours and friends from both Kookaburra Park Eco Village and Gin Gin itself. Gin Gin has most of what we need and Bundaberg is only 35-40 minutes away.

So we have found the past two years living here in the Village to be what we were looking for, like minded people with ideas of looking after the environment and each other. The shared meals and get togethers are a lot of fun and Gin Gin provides us with good old fashioned entertainment with the local Show, concerts etc. The Village has residents from a 6 month old baby to a 92 year old gentleman and the diversity of people creates a very interesting community with many opinions of how to live in a sustainable and ecological way. Security and community are very important to us, as is the wildlife that makes its home here. Not having cats and dogs is such a blessing when you watch the baby birds and little Joeys in the Spring and Summer trying out their legs and wings in the knowledge that any predators are natural ones.

Best regards
Heather & Rob Piper

Abe and Carol Bos

Living in Kookaburra Park Eco-Village means waking up every morning feeling secure; seeing children play around the Village unattended is truly heart warming.

Your first morning sight is the local friendly Kangaroo with her Joey glancing through your bedroom window to see what the delay might be for some action.  Then the morning parade of King Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets, Butcher birds, Galahs, Finches and many more, singing their way to an early morning treat while the sun rises over the lakes and dams. A brisk bush walk through the village provides all the wild life you could wish to experience. However, prepare for many delays as you stop to chat to neighbors. The community spirit is comforting with its camaraderie, caring and sharing.

Nearby Gin Gin provides us with a modern hospital, 3 doctor's surgeries, pre-school, excellent primary and high schools, chemist, supermarkets, 2 butchers, bakeries, 2 hardware stores, swimming pool, golf, bowls, tennis and much much more.  A school bus collects and delivers school children right at the front gate.

Our joy and convenience is a walking/bike trail from the front gate:  800 MT to an excellent golf course, 2150 MT to the Gin Gin High School and 3100 MT to the Gin Gin CBD. In addition, each of us have our own freehold block of land, (approx 1 acre).  Most importantly, no exorbitant water rates as we supply our own rainwater, have underground power supply, a huge dam providing garden water plus manicured lawns and  lakes for all to enjoy while walking, swimming, fishing or picnicking. Add to that our own village waste disposal and mail box areas and it is all good.

We are here to stay in our blissful paradise.

Abe and Carol Bos

Lot 56